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Pigments Of Your Imagination

Pigments: Pigment is a substance used as a coloring,

Silk Dye pigment imparts rich intense color to bind with the


Imagination: The ability to use the creative mind to form mental images of

things not present to the senses or not considered real.

As a silk painter and watercolorist I am attracted to the use of pigments suspended in water. I have had a love for drawing and painting the world around me since I can remember.

The first time I touched silk dyes to the silk and experienced the immediate rush of dye dancing across the fabric, color and silk that flows like a river, I was hooked.”

As a member of Silk Painters International, she has been painting silk art and silk scarves for 15 years.

My showing is called, “So Many Poppies, So Little Time”…

Like so many beautiful things in our lives, the life of a poppy blossom seems all too short. The flowers vibrate with color, knowing their time is limited, they stretch and reach for the light, they seem to hold their heads high. Advertising, “Look quickly, for I am a fleeting beauty”.

These poppy flowers surface from my imagination and are transferred to the silk fabric, using french dye pigments. The poppies shimmer and shine on the silk, expressing their delicate petals and bold color, creating an enduring beauty.

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