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Right Brain Drawing

Learning To Draw

Realistic drawing is the drawing of perceived image and form. The right side of the brain engages the visual system to perform this task. The visual mode is fundamentally different from the brain’s verbal mode—the one we use nearly all our waking hours. The left hemisphere of the brain or L-Mode is dominate and will interfere with our perception of the subject in our drawing. It is speedy, and very prone to rush in with words and symbols, even taking over the task (which it is not good at) a true control freak!

The L-Mode is analytical using words and symbols in a step by step sequence.It prefers not to relinquish a task to its mute partner R-Mode unless it really dislikes the job—either because the task is taking too long or it is simply unable to accomplish the task.The two sides of the brain compete and cooperate.Many tasks require the engagement of both sides of the brain, like playing music. R-Mode uses visual perceptions, processing information all at once, like recognizing a friend.

Learning to draw like an artist is learning how to make the shift from verbal to visual.

By introducing exercises that the dominate L-Mode will turn down you will tap into R-Mode.


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